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Reggie was born in Savannah, Chatham County, Georgia and graduated from Savannah High School in the June class of 1949. Majoring in General course and played in the High school band for four years. During his stay in the band he was Ist chair in the Trumpet section. Also besides the Trumpet, he played most of the brass instruments, including the French horn in Concerts. Also when needed, he filled in on marches playing the E Flat Bass horn and was also used in emergency, played the bass drum.

During attendance at Savannah High School he and several of his musician friends got together and formed a dance band called "The Starlighters". They played at many teen dances in and around Savannah. Played together for several years and had to disband because several of the musicians having to serve in the Military during the Korean conflict, including Reggie.

During his high school days he played on the school baseball team, playing third base and again wherever needed in the infield. After high school, tried out for the Philidelphia Athletics and also the New York Yankees but they had to many Mickey Mantle's and Yogi Berra's so he played semi-pro baseball in Savannah.

One day when coming home from playing a baseball game, his wife said that his baseball Manager's wife wanted to know if we would like to take Square Dancing at the Methodist church and guess what, he said, sure I'd be happy to do so and that was in March 1959 and is still in Square Dancing.

Reggie started calling and teaching Square Dancing in December of 1959 and while in Savannah, taught many classes of Square Dancers and was invited to guest call for the 22 Square Dance clubs in the Savannah area. He taught the first class for the Richmond Hill, Georgia Club, named "Ford's Bucks & Does". Named after Henry Ford. They held their classes in the Guest quarters for Mr. Ford's visitors to the Plantation. In the upstairs of the Guest quarters was a nice large Ballroom with large Fireplaces at either end. Mr. Ford was a great supporter of Square Dancing.

Later they moved their club over to the Plantation and danced in the Powerhouse of the Plantation.

Was working with a Chrysler-Plymouth Dealership in Savannah, as Office Manager and was asked by Chrysler did he want to move to Fayetteville, North Carolina, he said yes, where is Fayetteville? Anyway they moved him to Fayetteville, North Carolina as Comptroller of Royal Dodge, Inc. He got involved in Square Dancing in Fayetteville and in 1974, Chrysler moved him to Nashville, Tennessee to try to salvage a Dodge Dealership there but it was in to bad of shape to save so he returned to Fayetteville.

He started the Fayetteville Swingers Square dance club in 1967 and it stayed active for 32 years but had to close down because the dancers just aged out and was impossible to get classes going again. Also started the Lumberjacks and Jills Square Dance club in Lumberton, North Carolina in 1973 and after 30 years are still dancing.

In 1998 started Tarheel Records, a label for square dancing and is still active. Callers that has recorded on Tarheel Records, are as follows: Monk Moore, Herb Franklin, Tom Wallace, Benny Privette, Vaughn Parrish, Jim Cosman, Buck Hasdedt, Donnie DeVore, Dave Houllihan, Ed Shepley, Ronnie Purser, Hal Dodson , Fred Martin, Bob Fisk, Chuck Mashburn, Sam Dunn, Tommy Wells, and yours truly, Reggie. Also producing several Round Dances on Tarheel Records, choreographed by Nell & Jerry Knight, Ted Carrigg and also Billy & Sophie Moxley, Fran & Jim Kropf and Chris & Chuck Hicks.

Reggie has called at several weekend festivals and special dances throughout the Southeast. Has been on the staff on the Rebel Roundup at Fontana Dam, North Carolina and has been on staff at the English Mountain Retreat in Sevierville, Tennessee several times.

Reggie has two children, a boy David and one girl, Cindy. David lives in South Carolina and Cindy lives in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Reggie has one Grandson, Adam. Cindy and David both Square Danced when they were teenagers but have quit dancing.

Reggie calling "Ballad of the Green Beret" at North Carolina State Convention

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